Why do we teach Nutrition?

Almost 3,000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  In the past few millennia, we have made great strides in the field of health care, including life-changing scientific advances in cancer treatment and management.  At Ann’s Place, we stand with Hippocrates and believe that a nutritional and wholesome diet is a great addition to our clients’ wellness plans.

Although the awareness of diet-disease relationships and the long-term health benefits of healthy eating are becoming more common, the thought of knowing what to buy and how to cook it can be intimidating, especially while going through treatment or supporting a loved one with a cancer diagnosis.  At Ann’s Place, we hold educational series and events to teach our clients that maintaining a mostly vegetarian, high fiber diet is entirely possible.  The benefits of these eating habits include avoiding the animal fat that is linked to cancer, and naturally taking in more vitamins and phytochemicals that help to prevent cancer and encourage immune system strength.

Along with nutrition classes taught by Timothy Bayley, CNC, BS, MS, and Kim Wein, Ann’s Place partners with Praxair Cancer Center of Danbury Hospital to offer our Food for Life educational program, which has expanded in to the popular social Healthy Eating Potlucks, facilitated by yoga instructor Joe Gillotti.  Our next Healthy Eating Potluck will be this Saturday, March 12, at 11:30 am, and will be followed by a drum circle led by Tracy Yoho.

Click here to view a recipe by nutrition gurus Kim and Tim