President & CEO's Message

In cancer centers across the country, there has been an increased focus on meeting the psychosocial needs of people with cancer in 2015. This is exactly what Ann’s Place has been doing for over 24 years since our inception in 1991, thanks to the vision and passion our founders had almost 2 ½ decades ago when our mission began. The state of Connecticut has over 200,000 cancer survivors, and it is estimated by the American Cancer Society report that we will see almost 22,000 people in CT diagnosed with cancer during 2015.

Ann’s Place isn’t about the cure or the research, but it is about coping and living with the disease. Dealing with the disease is difficult enough, but when you add a whole number of psychosocial issues into the mix, then the ability to manage all these obstacles becomes overwhelming and at times unmanageable. These stark statistics are the context in which we do our work, which is about helping those who are in the midst of cancer live as well as possible. From the time of diagnosis on, cancer challenges and sometimes capsizes the worlds of those who are affected by it. It is not uncommon for those facing cancer to feel anxious, fearful, or depressed. In some cases, cancer or its treatment severely disrupts sleep, causes chronic physical pain or weakness, changes a person’s physical appearance, and makes routine activities much more difficult to perform. Suddenly a life that was already full with responsibilities must now stretch to accommodate a myriad of medical appointments, tests, and procedures. Certain cancer treatments are very difficult to tolerate and leave some patients feeling debilitated and unable to work or take care of their families. Even for those fortunate enough to have good health insurance, the exorbitantly high cost of cancer treatment is more than some families can afford, which adds to the stress of dealing with the disease. In the midst of it all, many people facing cancer live with uncertainty about their own future or the future of someone they dearly love. Even as cancer causes upheaval and disruption, however, many report that dealing with the disease has expanded their horizons and led them to look at this precious life more deeply and with greater gratitude.

At Ann’s Place, those who have or had a diagnosis of cancer, and loved ones, are not alone. We provide support to them no matter where they are on their journey - no matter how well or sick they feel, or where they are on the continuum of hope and despair. We have the facility, the services, the support and the staff/volunteers to provide individual counseling, group counseling, financial aid, education, wellness programs and resources. The support services received helped inspire people to create their own pathway through cancer that strengthens and sustains them, and improves their quality of life.

I am very inspired by our dedicated staff, volunteers, Board of Directors and you, Our Community, who have helped and stood by us to support Ann’s Place each and every year. I am humbled to be leading this agency in providing the very best services to those men, women and children along with their family members affected by cancer in as warm and comfortable an environment as their own home.

Thank you for your continuous support of Ann’s Place and our mission to serve.

Anthony Zeolla, CPA
President & CEO