Our Building

The Building of Ann’s Place

In 2001 the campaign to fund a new home for Ann’s Place got underway. It was an ambitious idea for a small nonprofit, but the community came together in a unique way. The ideal plot of land in a tranquil setting was donated. The design of the building emphasized comfort, and a home-like feel with a kitchen, and fireplace sitting area upon entering, an art area and kids playroom downstairs and additional meeting and presentation rooms  to allow for community gatherings.

In late 2006 we broke ground for the construction and it was a labor of love. Hundreds of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons and other trades, donated of their time and materials. So many had their own personal story of how cancer had affected their lives motivating them to give back.  They also started referring colleagues and others they knew who had cancer to Ann’s Place for support. Even if they lived 50 miles away, or were out of work due to the economic downturn, they came again and again to get the project done. The list is long – over 100 companies, contractors, wholesalers, foundations, unions, and architects – came together for this herculean effort. The result - a beautiful 17,000 square foot Ann’s Place - speaks for itself.