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Currently, Ann’s Place actively serves 1,050 cancer patients and their families. They come through our doors for counseling and support groups, to know they are not alone. They come for nutrition workshops and horticultural therapy, to learn about nature and how it nourishes body and soul. They come for Yoga, Reiki and Tai Chi, to center their minds and bodies. They come for healing, hope and peace.

In the same way Ann’s Place supports these patients and their families, Ann’s Place needs your support to continue its mission. Ann’s Place relies solely on grants, fundraisers and your generous donations to support all of its services. While no fee is ever charged for any of the services, there is a cost associated with providing them. Without your support, these services simply cannot continue.

This year, Ann’s Place celebrates 25 years of serving the greater Danbury community. On behalf of the thousands who have benefitted from Ann’s Place services in the last quarter of a century, we ask that you thoughtfully consider this request to make the future of this vital organization all the more certain.

Together, we can change lives.

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