Merci Beaucoup

To Whom It May Concern: 

Ann's Place is the kind of place,
Where people come to grow.

Where we learn to feel our strength within, 
Through the kindness others show. 

It's a place where we can be ourselves,
And just a little more.
A place where we can be at HOME, 
As we pass through the front door.

For here our greatest fears subside
Just long enough to see... 
That our greatest gifts do follow, 
When we embrace the thought of me.

That I am HERE, and it's okay. 
It's where I need to be.
Through kindness, patience, and mindfulness…
"We'll see, what we shall see."

Living one moment at a time.
Talking with professionals, who care.
Can bring us to a place within, 
Which we didn't know was there.

A place where we can now be free.
For at last we understand…
That not knowing what the future holds,
And joy…go hand in hand.

For no matter what we plan, you see, 
Life can take a turn.
Ann's Place teaches us
That there’s always time to learn.

Here, tears and stress live side-by-side
With laughter and a smile.
For in our hearts, with help and love,
Dichotomies can reconcile. 

Here generosity and thoughtfulness
Become a way of life
It's where quiet understanding
Surpasses any strife.

At Ann's Place it is all okay,
With healing classes every day;
Thanks to the devoted staff and
Friends we meet along the way.

Ten years ago I made a gift
To Ann's Place on my wedding day. 
Little did I know then, 
That HERE is where I'd find my way.

I want to thank you for helping me
To face the great unknown...
I want to thank you all
For the compassion that you've shown...

To Whom It May Concern, I say:

 “Let's kindly continue to send,  
Donations for developing dignity...
(The BEST dollars you'll ever spend!)
For Ann’s Place makes it POSSIBLE
For us to meet and be…a FRIEND!”

 Merci beaucoup, 

Thanks to all of you!

Rosanne Pettignano-Medina