Welcoming Peggy O'Shea Back to Ann's Place

On May 27th, Ann’s Place was pleased to welcome Peggy O’Shea, RN, holistic practitioner and the Clinical Leader of the Complementary Medicine Program at Danbury Hospital.  The program was hosted by our three breast cancer support groups and was open to all of the Ann’s Place community.  Peggy has a strong foundation and respect for western medicine and combines that with an openness and curiosity about other cultures and healing methods.  She has been a long time student and practitioner of many different modalities and is diligent to seek out the research that might substantiate the claims that she hears or reads about.  Peggy did not lay out a strict path for all to follow, rather she invited each person to begin to listen more - to their bodies and their own wisdom. Some of the topics included nutrition, meditation, energy work, acupuncture, essential oils and magnets.  There was a lively question and answer period as all sought to hear Peggy’s insights and experiences.  We were all grateful to welcome Peggy back to Ann’s Place, where she is always sure to draw a crowd!