Ridgefield Family are Advocates for Ann's Place

Thirteen-year-old Ridgefield resident Kiralyse Hermann and her mom Ann visited Ann's Place with an interest to help raise awareness within the Ridgefield community and elsewhere. Following their first visit, the family had committed not only Kiralyse to volunteer, but her brother as well for future events!

Kiralyse's first efforts which, involved going door-to-door in her neighborhood and hosting an information/donation table at a community concert in Ridgefield Ballard Park, resulted in more than $300 in donations to Ann's Place! Kiralyse and her friends also sold necklaces at the concert, the proceeds of which will be donated to Ann's Place (these were designed and made expressly for Ann's Place by Pamela Petruzzelli of Danbury, CT).

Many thanks to Kiralyse and her family for their help to ensure that Ann's Place continues to provide its cancer support services to the organization's more than 1,050 clients and their families.

Kiralyse Hermann (left) and friends host an information/donation table at a community concert in Ridgefield's Ballard Park.