Jan 2016

Coldwell Banker Cares

Above: Scott Cooney & Marie Borner of Coldwell Banker, Anthony Zeolla, CPA, President of Ann's Place

Above: Scott Cooney & Marie Borner of Coldwell Banker, Anthony Zeolla, CPA, President of Ann's Place

Marie Borner and Scott Cooney of Coldwell Banker presented Ann's Place with a check for $962 on January 13. Coldwell Banker Cares is a program in which local real estate agents donate a small portion of commission to go to a charity.  This year they chose Ann's Place.

Marie Borner is a dedicated Ann's Place volunteer and has worked on Festival of Trees since its debut 13 years ago.

Parent-Child Art

Parents and children had the unique opportunity to spend some quality time working on an art project over Christmas break.  There were 14 parents and children who are impacted by cancer who came together on December 30 to create something special.  The ages of children spanned from 7 to 16 years old and a great time was had by all.  All participants felt it was a true gift to be able to spend time away from the stresses and challenges of daily life doing something fun and meaningful.  The class was lead by our talented art teacher, Nancy Chapman. 


An Update on Wellness with Peggy O'Shea

In January 19, Ann’s Place was excited to welcome Peggy O’Shea, RN, as a guest speaker once again. The event, An Update on Wellness Practices, was hosted by our three breast cancer support groups and was open to all.

Peggy is a holistic practitioner and the Clinical Leader of the Complementary Medicine Program at Danbury Hospital. She has studied complementary medicine for decades, and has been trained in many different modalities.

Peggy’s background means that she is grounded in Western medicine, yet has a curiosity and openness to healing practices from many different traditions.  It is always a delight to hear Peggy speak as we hear a variety of practices that have proven helpful for many.

Introducing ClientTrack

Supporting our existing and expanding community is of the upmost importance to us here at Ann’s Place.  We’ve been working hard for the past several months thinking of ways to use technology to give our clients the best experience possible at Ann’s Place.  And now, we are excited to introduce our new client support software - ClientTrack!

The clients of Ann’s Place can look forward to online registration for clinical programs and activities.  This new system, which is quickly wrapping up development, will lead to a better and faster activity sign up experience at home and in the building - as well as improved insight about how we can better serve our clients. 

It will put the ownership of our clients’ wellness plans directly in to their hands; by giving them access to the portal anywhere and on any device that has access to the internet. ClientTrack will serve to provide an opportunity to strengthen client-clinician relationships, a better way to explore all the services that Ann’s Place offers, and a chance to create even more personalized service. 

Barnes & Noble Holiday Gift-Wrapping

Volunteers Betty Brown and  Michelle Frosch    

Volunteers Betty Brown and Michelle Frosch


In December 2015, 64 volunteers from Ann’s Place wrapped books and gifts at Barnes and Noble in Danbury at the annual Gift Wrapping Fundraiser. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time during the busy holidays to wrap gifts, and to represent Ann’s Place with such dedication, fun and enthusiasm.  Thank you to Barnes and Noble for allowing Ann’s Place volunteers to be there once again this year.  And thank you to all the customers for all of your donations and generosity.  All of this in the spirit of giving, and giving back.  

Service Spotlight: Joe Gilotti

Joe Gilotti

Joe Gilotti

Joe started the first Hatha Yoga class in October 1997, when Ann's Place was located in Peacock Alley.  The Tuesday night Hatha Yoga class is still active today, additionally Joe now offers a Chair Yoga class (more suitable for seniors) on Fridays. Additionally he helped form the men's prostate cancer group in 1998.

Joe is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher.  He has been teaching Hatha Yoga (Bodily Postures) and Raja Yoga (Yogic Philosophy) since the early seventies.  His teaching experience includes a wide variety of volunteer classes, including those for mentally challenged adults, classes at Regional Hospice, and classes for both male and female inmates in the State and Federal Prison System.  Joe has also taught yoga to young people of all ages up through the college level and several Adult Education Programs in the greater Danbury area.   Through the years he has been invited to speak on the topics of Hatha Yoga (Yoga postures), Raja Yoga (Yoga Philosophy), Laughter Yoga and Yoga for stress management. 

Joe's Yoga teaching philosophy is a simple combination of slow, steady, stress less and comfortable Hatha Yoga Poses, breath control, laughter yoga, deep relaxation and meditation practices.  All of these yoga techniques, practiced over time, are designed to help people expand their practice, to build strength and steadiness, and to feel rejuvenated and calm.  After learning these yoga practices, people are in a much better position to make comfortable positive lifestyle changes.  When practiced sincerely, these yoga movements will help the practitioner change the way they think and feel, and help them move forward to maintain their natural condition of a healthier body. Finally, by practicing these movements, a person will eventually translate into getting control over, and creating, a much more peaceful mind.

Healing Hearts of Newtown

Ann’s Place is so grateful to be the recipients of 50 Hearts of Hope, created for our clients by a kindergarten class from Newtown, CT.  Hearts of Hope are beautiful hand painted ceramic hearts which are offered as “a token of caring and compassion”.  We are so grateful that these gifts were given to Ann’s Place and we hope that those who painted them feel a special sense of fulfillment, knowing that these hearts will lift the spirits of many.