May 2015

Welcoming Peggy O'Shea Back to Ann's Place

On May 27th, Ann’s Place was pleased to welcome Peggy O’Shea, RN, holistic practitioner and the Clinical Leader of the Complementary Medicine Program at Danbury Hospital.  The program was hosted by our three breast cancer support groups and was open to all of the Ann’s Place community.  Peggy has a strong foundation and respect for western medicine and combines that with an openness and curiosity about other cultures and healing methods.  She has been a long time student and practitioner of many different modalities and is diligent to seek out the research that might substantiate the claims that she hears or reads about.  Peggy did not lay out a strict path for all to follow, rather she invited each person to begin to listen more - to their bodies and their own wisdom. Some of the topics included nutrition, meditation, energy work, acupuncture, essential oils and magnets.  There was a lively question and answer period as all sought to hear Peggy’s insights and experiences.  We were all grateful to welcome Peggy back to Ann’s Place, where she is always sure to draw a crowd!

Healthy Eating Pot Luck with Diana Sadtler and Joe Gillotti

Our Healthy Eating Pot Luck members welcomed a special speaker in May- Diana Sadtler.   Diana provided a demonstration of making a delicious raw food snack.  She spoke about some of the benefits of raw foods and how to integrate them more into the diet.  After the demonstration, all gathered to share the different dishes they prepared.  There are always so much variety and delicious things to try.  We all enjoyed a time of conversation, sharing recipes, and having lunch together.  Joe Gillotti then discussed the many benefits of adopting a plant based diet, and the benefits of adding more water soluble foods to our diet.  Please join us on June 27th at 11:30 a.m. for our next Pot Luck! Call Ann’s Place at 203-790-6568 to register.  This will be the final Pot Luck of the season, and we will start up again in September.

Timothy Bayley Visits the Head & Neck Group

Timothy Bayley

Timothy Bayley

Tim Bayley, who holds a Master's Degree in Nutrition, presented "Nurturing Through Nutrition" to the Head and Neck Cancer Support and Education Group on Wednesday April 1st. Tim gave some great tips and pointers to those who are struggling with nutrition after treatment for head and neck cancer. Tim finished his presentation with the making of a smoothie for all to sample. We are grateful to Tim for sharing his time and expertise with our clients.

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

Ann's Place President & CEO Anthony Zeolla, CPA, thanks our volunteers

Ann's Place President & CEO Anthony Zeolla, CPA, thanks our volunteers

On May 1st, Ann's Place was pleased to host it's annual volunteer appreciation gathering! The event was a relaxed gathering attended by volunteers from across the agency. Attendees enjoyed refreshments, music, and good company. Last year over 1,000 volunteers helped us to continue our mission in some way. Above: Anthony, Lynn, and Su thank our volunteers.

New Quilting Workshop

Ann's Place was pleased to offer a two session Quilting Class, with Selma Kenter, a resident of Istanbul, Turkey. Selma has been involved at Ann's Place for many years, and is a prime contributor to the Festival of Trees Quilter's Corner. Selma contacted us to offer this class as she planned to be in the United States, where she also a part time resident for a month. It was exciting to be able to offer this new program to our clients.


Thank you Kristen

Kristen Harrison

Kristen Harrison

For the last several months Ann's Place was happy to have a helping hand from intern, Kristen Harrison. Kristen, a social work major at WCSU, expects to earn her bachelors degree in 2016. 

"My experience at Ann's Place has been amazing. From the incredibly dedicated and motivated staff, to the inspirational and strong community. I have learned so many things that I will take with me as I continue my journey as a student and future as a social worker, " Says Kristen. 

We thank Kristen and wish her well with all of her future endeavors.