Recognizing Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Bob Brown

The Board of Directors of Ann’s Place wish Bob Brown a warm and heartfelt goodbye as he has accepted a new role with his organization in St. Louis, Missouri.  Bob has served on the Board as of December 2012 and from the very beginning provided leadership and guidance for many of the initiatives Ann’s Place has been involved in the past several years.  We thank him for being one our biggest supporters and appreciate all his dedication, involvement and personal time he has given to Ann’s Place.  He has made a difference to many of our clients we serve.  We will miss him dearly and wish him and Greta much success, health and joy for the future.

Mind Body Skills Workshop

Dr. Jennifer Phelps

Dr. Jennifer Phelps

Ann’s Place is pleased to be able to offer to our clients the expertise of Dr. Jennifer Phelps in the form of an eight week workshop on Mind Body Skills.  This is currently the second eight week session of this program in response to the popularity of the first. This workshop demonstrates to cancer survivors and caregivers how to utilize techniques such as autogenic training, meditation, breath work, movement and drawing as a way of coping with stress, anxiety and difficult emotions. 

Jennifer Phelps, MD, is a medical doctor who is board certified in Family Practice.  Dr. Phelps specializes in Integrative Medicine which combines mainstream medical therapies and complementary or alternative therapies that are backed by high quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.  Dr. Phelps has a strong interest in Oncology and utilizing Integrative medicine to help patients during and after treatment

Ann's Place Technology Update!

My name is Robbie and I’m the web and events technology specialist here at Ann’s Place!  My job is to work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly across the organization by finding and facilitating improvements through technology and I wanted to share some of the exciting things that are going on here at Ann’s Place with you!

A New Face for a Changing World!

We’ve made some changes to our website - if you haven’t had a chance yet to look around the new www.annsplace.org take a second to check it out!  You may not notice it right away, but we’ve made improvements to provide a more user friendly experience for you no matter what device you’re viewing the website on. 

Did you know that desktop browsing is no longer the number one method of digital content consumption in the United States?  Don’t believe me?  Check out this article on here on CNN

To meet this evolving demand our new site is responsive.  This means that the layout will change depending on what devices you’re viewing it on in order to best present the content of our site!  There are a number of other benefits on the back end that help me, and the whole staff here, deliver to you fresh and dynamic content.

We’ve made our site easier to get around no matter how you view it, we’ve also made it more useful for you.  Check out our improved and secure online donation & sponsorship forms, now offering an instant email acknowledgements for your tax records and instant notification of your donation to your loved ones. 

Keep an eye on annsplace.org as it continues to evolve! 

Doing our Best for our Donors

Ann’s Place relies on donors!  Any donation, no matter how big or how small, plays a part in the mission of Ann’s Place.  We are constantly grateful for the immense support from our community year in and year out – and we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you.  But man is it a lot of paperwork! 

Recently, Ann’s Place went live with a new donor tracking software, Little Green Light.  This powerful web-based fundraising tool has been designed to streamline internal practices at Ann’s Place, leading to faster donation acknowledgements and improved insight about how, why, and who is giving to Ann’s Place.

Little Green Light is a valuable tool driving efficiency up while keeping costs low and the office organized - all for the benefit of the clients of Ann’s Place.

Caring for our clients

We’re not done yet – but we will be soon – I wanted to share a little bit of the improvements to come! Supporting our existing and expanding community is of the upmost importance to us here at Ann’s Place.  We’ve been working hard for the past several months thinking of ways to use technology to give our clients the best experience possible at Ann’s Place.  

The clients of Ann’s Place can look forward to online & kiosk registration for clinical programs and activities!  This new system, which is quickly wrapping up development and is on track for release before the end of this year, will lead to a better and faster activity sign up experience at home and in the building - as well as improved insight about how we can better serve its clients. 

I wont spill all the beans yet!  But look forward to greater accessibility to all of the great offerings at Ann’s Place in the future. 

Robbie Siemon
Web & Events Technology Specialist

P.S. Do you have any questions about the Ann's Place website?  Use the form below to ask your question!

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Health Equity Initiative Launches


The Board of Directors of Ann’s Place is pleased to announce that Ann’s Place will launch its new Health Equity Initiative, funded by the BI Cares Foundation, on July 22.   A collaboration between Ann’s Place and The Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury (Centro Hispano), the Health Equity Initiative will enable Ann’s Place, a community-based cancer support center, to provide services at Centro Hispano, in downtown Danbury, as well as bilingual services onsite at 80 Saw Mill Road. 

There will be an Open House to celebrate this new initiative at Ann's Place, 80 Saw Mill Road, Danbury on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at noon.  Members of the public are invited.  Light refreshments will be served. 

“Part of our vision at Ann’s Place is to extend the reach of our services to patients and families who are not getting the support they need because of language barriers, poverty, or lack of access to transportation,” said Anthony Zeolla, Ann’s Place President & CEO.   “We are delighted to be able to offer our services at Centro in the heart of Danbury. We hope that this collaboration with Centro—with its accessible location, varied programs, and its deep roots in the community—will help us to better serve populations that for too long have been overlooked and under-served.”

As part of the Health Equity Initiative, Ann’s Place has hired a Spanish-speaking bilingual social worker, Candy Murias, who will provide clinical services at the Centro location.  “Candy brings a wealth of experience serving diverse communities and has a deep commitment to justice and compassionate service,” said Su Murdock, Ann’s Place Director of Clinical Services.  “We look forward to her joining our staff.” 

"Part of the Hispanic Center’s mission aims to improve the well-being of the diverse community in the Greater Danbury area by providing culturally competent preventive health education and promotion,” said Andrea Contreras,  Interim Executive Director of the Hispanic Center.  “We believe this new collaboration with Ann’s Place holds synergy with our current program and vision to make a difference in the community by expanding our services to be able to provide accessible cancer support services to clients and their families.  We are thrilled to work with Ann’s Place and are looking forward to working with them and Candy in this new initiative."