Introducing ClientTrack

Supporting our existing and expanding community is of the upmost importance to us here at Ann’s Place.  We’ve been working hard for the past several months thinking of ways to use technology to give our clients the best experience possible at Ann’s Place.  And now, we are excited to introduce our new client support software - ClientTrack!

The clients of Ann’s Place can look forward to online registration for clinical programs and activities.  This new system, which is quickly wrapping up development, will lead to a better and faster activity sign up experience at home and in the building - as well as improved insight about how we can better serve our clients. 

It will put the ownership of our clients’ wellness plans directly in to their hands; by giving them access to the portal anywhere and on any device that has access to the internet. ClientTrack will serve to provide an opportunity to strengthen client-clinician relationships, a better way to explore all the services that Ann’s Place offers, and a chance to create even more personalized service.