Family Evening

Parent-Child Art

Parents and children had the unique opportunity to spend some quality time working on an art project over Christmas break.  There were 14 parents and children who are impacted by cancer who came together on December 30 to create something special.  The ages of children spanned from 7 to 16 years old and a great time was had by all.  All participants felt it was a true gift to be able to spend time away from the stresses and challenges of daily life doing something fun and meaningful.  The class was lead by our talented art teacher, Nancy Chapman. 


"SDRAWKCAB" Night at Ann's Place!

By Laura Donnelly, MWS, LCSW

Lynn & Shannon Stubbe

Lynn & Shannon Stubbe

If you saw people at Ann's Place with clothes on backwards and inside out they were most likely on their way to BACKWARDS Night!  Ann's Place hosted a Family Fun Night on Tuesday March 24 The theme of the evening was BACKWARDS night.  The evening began in backwards fashion with dessert first followed by dinner!  The families engaged in activities such as backwards t-shirt making, unmusical chairs, creating inside out piñatas  and a mad game of Family Feud.  A fun time was had by all but most importantly the families enjoyed spending time with each other and connecting with other families who are impacted by cancer. 

On hand volunteering was Shannon Stubbe, daughter of Ann's Place Volunteer Coordinator Lynn Stubbe.  This was a special evening for mother and daughter; Shannon along with her sister Lyla and father Doug participated in past family evenings during Lynn's own cancer treatment.  It is a special privilege for Shannon to return and to help other families relax and have a fun filled evening!  

Family Fun Evening to Return in March

By Laura Donnelly MSW, LCSW

A Family Fun evening is scheduled for Tuesday March 24 at Ann’s Place.  The evening will be for families with children between the ages of 5-12 who are impacted by cancer.  This will be an opportunity for families to have fun together and connect with other families who are facing the challenges of living with cancer and raising children.  Details regarding the theme of the night are coming soon!

Family Evening At Ann's Place

By Laura Donnelly, MSW, LCSW

Ann’s Place hosted a fun and festive evening in December for families with young children who are impacted by cancer. It was an opportunity for families to relax and have fun together. Clinical Social Workers, Martha Shilstone and Laura Donnelly along with six teen volunteers from Brookfield High School, led the evening with games, activities, gingerbread house building and a light dinner. We are looking forward to planning more of these events for Ann’s Place families in the coming year.