Healthy Eating Pot Luck

Healthy Eating Potluck Resumes with Drum Circle

The first Healthy Eating Pot Luck of the season was held in March and included a dozen people with an amazing array of dishes to share….from fresh salads and appetizers to well-seasoned main courses to vegan chocolate ice cream and anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate with pomegranate seeds!  We feasted, enjoying each other’s company as well as the discussion led by Joe Gillotti.  


The pot luck was followed by an enlivening Drum Circle led by Jerry Gay and Tracy Yoho.  As we gathered around the drums we were instructed in various techniques, and were led in several different rhythms which filled the room with joy and a sense of calm.  The sense of community, laughter, and shared experiences made this a wonderful way to spend some time on a Saturday!

Healthy Eating Pot Luck with Diana Sadtler and Joe Gillotti

Our Healthy Eating Pot Luck members welcomed a special speaker in May- Diana Sadtler.   Diana provided a demonstration of making a delicious raw food snack.  She spoke about some of the benefits of raw foods and how to integrate them more into the diet.  After the demonstration, all gathered to share the different dishes they prepared.  There are always so much variety and delicious things to try.  We all enjoyed a time of conversation, sharing recipes, and having lunch together.  Joe Gillotti then discussed the many benefits of adopting a plant based diet, and the benefits of adding more water soluble foods to our diet.  Please join us on June 27th at 11:30 a.m. for our next Pot Luck! Call Ann’s Place at 203-790-6568 to register.  This will be the final Pot Luck of the season, and we will start up again in September.