Kim Wien

Smarter Eating with Kim and Tim

Smarter Eating with Kim and Tim, a new cooking and nutrition program at Ann’s Place, debuted on March 26th with a great turnout of enthusiastic attendees. Kim created some delicious, healthy and easy recipes while Tim spoke about the how’s and why’s of good nutrition. There was an easy flow to the evening, with participants asking questions and learning more about the science of good eating. Everyone loved the menu items which Kim prepared for all to try. The foods were colorful, tasty and had great nutrients and fiber. Good eating does not have to be boring, or take hours to prepare! Keep your eyes open for future Smarter Eating with Kim and Tim programs!  Future programs will be based upon participant interest!  To request a nutritional topic email

Smarter Eating with Kim & Tim

Kim Wien and Tim Bayley are so excited collaborating with one another as they get ready to present a first-ever, comprehensive food series. So many of you expressed interest in learning how to eat smarter! Kim's 20+ years of teaching, along with her overwhelming enthusiasm to create quick, easy, healthy and delicious foods complements Tim's many years of professional education in nutritional biochemistry and plant-based nutrition as well as his passion for cooking. Together they will present a wealth of information, in various ways, and take you through the hows and whys of smarter eating.

Kim & Tim's Smarter Eating kicks off on March 26th 6:30-8PM.  To register call and speak with a clinical staff member. 

Smarter Eating Demo Coming to Ann's Place

Ann’s Place is excited to host Kim Wien, chef extraordinaire, and Tim Bayley, nutritional scientist, as they collaborate to present a Smarter Eating Demo At Ann’s Place. Kim will show you step by step how to prepare quick, easy, healthful and delicious snacks or meals as well as share the best places to shop and how best to store foods. Tim will offer comedic color commentary on scrumptious healthy nutrients and food chemistry, as well as provide you with a healthy foods checklist, nutrition and cancer fact sheets, and where to find free credible nutrition information.

Be on the lookout for Kim & Tim's Smarter Eating on our March calendar! Join us and take one small step in the direction of smarter eating.