Labyrinth Dedication Ceremony

May 2014 - On Saturday, May 3, 2014 a dedication ceremony was held for the Labyrinth at Ann's Place.  ­The Labyrinth was completed the previous May thanks to funding as well as a team of 25 dedicated volunteers from GE Capital.  The project was led and designed by Jo-Ann Frank and Eric Keller. 

From the Program:

A labyrinth is a geometric pattern with a history that goes back more than 3000 years. They can be found in all different countries and in all different eras. Labyrinths are a tool for centering the mind. They are designed for asking a question, considering the question from all perspectives, and then listening deeply with the whole self.

In its most basic meaning, a labyrinth is a journey. It is so simple. One walks, connecting with the earth; one breathes, connecting with the spirit. It is one of the times in life when you need do no more than put one foot in front of the other and keep breathing. It is not a maze; it is not a puzzle to be solved; it has no dead ends. You cannot get lost. There are no decisions. Everyone who stays on the path will reach the center!

The gift of the labyrinth is a journey to the center of one’s being. We can focus attention, clear out static, still the mind, think new thoughts, quiet the breath and dream new dreams. Honor this journey. Walking INWARD, with surprising and disconcerting turns—one is invited to release old patterns, worn out ideas, debilitating emotional memories, unhappy behaviors. AT the CENTER, experience the recovery of one’s essence– the “Still Point”. Walk OUTWARD to incorporate those insights into daily life and service to the world.