News- Adult Cancer Conference

Dispatch from the 12th Annual Adult Cancer Conference at Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston

By Kevin Berrill, MSW, LCSW

Kevin displays the super bowl Ring of NFL champion and cancer survivor Joe Adruzzi at the conference. Joe Andruzzi who earned three Super Bowl rings while playing for the New England Patriots, spoke at the March 28th conference about his diagnosis at age 31 of non-Hodgkins Burkitt’s lymphoma. Since his recovery, Joe and his wife Jennifer have dedicated themselves to helping others dealing with cancer. Today, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation provides financial support to patients and their families in the region, allowing them to focus on treatment and recovery. The Foundation also funds pediatric brain cancer research. “At the conference Joe and his wife Jennifer spoke openly about the emotional and physical challenges of Joe’s illness---including how it affected them as young adults, as spouses, and as parents,” said Kevin. “I am inspired by their teamwork, their story, and their commitment to helping others who cannot make ends meet because of cancer.” Several members of the Ann’s Place Young Adults group attended this year’s conference, which featured workshops on such topics as living well with uncertainty and navigating personal relationships in the midst of treatment.
Photo: Kevin displays the Super Bowl ring of NFL champion and cancer survivor Joe Adruzzi.