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Fashion at Its Finest

Join us for this fun event that will have you laughing in the aisles...

Fine Spring & Summer fashions by Audrey Road and AR kids will be highlighted by local adult and child models, with fun and festivities to rival last year! Tickets are $25 (only $10 for kids) and will be available online at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

Our Models: 

Kim Bishop, Liam Bishop, Brooke Blake, Maddie Blake, Riley Blake, Jen Conciatore, Cora Diamond, Katie Diamond, Rosie Diamond, Jennifer Dineen, Alex Fischetti, Elizabeth Gallo, Zoe Garbus, Dawn Grabover, Amanda Grose, Emily Haughney, PJ James, Rachel Langberg, Jessica Mancini, Lauren Messina, Anna O’Rourke, Trish Shantz, Glenn Shepard, Paige Shepard, Julia Signorelli, Pamela Simenou, Anne Stauff, Lyla Stubbe, Annalisa Verrilli, Mia Verrilli, and Christine Wohl.

2017 Fashion Show Results & Photos


A Big Thank You to All Who Supported Our 2017 Fashion Show!! We Raised $82,000!!!

That means over 88 of our clients will have full services for an entire year (wow.) A special thank you goes to Chefs Warehouse for their leading sponsorship of the event. Check out the photos from last year at the bottom of this page.

Fashion Show 2017