The Creative Arts

Fine Art

Artistic self-expression has been used therapeutically for almost 100 years.  Art such as painting, sculpting, and drawing can help maintain focus and decrease anxiety, similar to the benefits of practicing meditation.  Physical pain is also significantly affected by practicing creative arts, creating a better quality of life for cancer survivors. 

At Ann's Place, we offer a number of Creative Arts programs.  Open Art Studio time and various mediums such as watercolors, collage, pen and ink, and pencil drawings are offered by local artists.  Click here to download a free coloring page to do from home.

Ann's Place also offers writing programs, Family Art Days, a weekly knitting group, and guest instructors.  

Sing and Dance!

Music has long been known to ease emotional distress. Ann's Place is always seeking experienced volunteers to help with our creative programs. Currently we offer: 

·      Healthy Steps is a weekly movement class led by Alison DiPinto.  All skill levels are welcome, and no dance experience is necessary.  This past November, the class offered a demonstration at the Festival of Trees, Ann's Place's largest fundraiser. This year Alison also choreographed a song and dance involving staff and clients, which was posted on You Tube for the Ellen Degeneres show.

-  Guitar Lessons are offered on a limited basis.

-  Ann's Place also hosts social gatherings that incorporate other types of music, such as Drum Circle where all are welcome to attend.  

I... found that as time went on, I trusted that the words that were coming out were healing me in a way that I couldn’t heal myself... It’s making the whole experience of dealing with cancer as good as it can be. I’m learning so much about the good side of life and actually think that I’m in a better place emotionally than I’ve ever been.
— -from an article published by the Mesothelioma Center