The benefits of yoga range from improving posture to promoting self-care to increasing self-esteem.  Celebrities do it, grandmothers do it, even pets do it.

For cancer patients, the benefits of yoga are especially potent.  The release of endorphins can do wonders to alleviate the fear and stress that is so common with a cancer diagnosis.  Gentle Yoga, such as the kind offered at Ann’s Place, can help patients to manage physical pain by improving circulation and relaxing muscle tension.

Other forms of yoga such as Kripalu Yoga, which focuses on meditation and spiritual transformation, or Vinyasa Yoga, a series of poses that flow smoothly in to one another, can beneficially raise the heart rate while lowering blood pressure.  The increased flexibility leads to healthier joints, muscles and respiratory functions, which is an important consideration for anyone undergoing cancer treatment.

Ann’s Place offers yoga free of charge to all clients, regardless of their skill level or treatment status.  Classes are offered throughout the week, and each class teaches a different form. 

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